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Luke Sciberras

Plein air at Hill End - Food, wine & Landscape

Make your way to Hill End, an easy 4 hour drive from Sydney to arrive on Friday night in preparation for the 2 day workshop with Luke in this historic gold rush town. Luke will conduct an intensive weekend painting en plein air and in his studio. The focus will be on loose interpretive drawings/paintings to capture the rugged landscape where some of the finest Australian landscape painters of recent times, have gone before.

Sciberras is one of Australia’s hot new talents. It is said that he is one of the significant emerging artists of his generation. He has been mentored by some of the greatest names in Australian art and worked as studio assistant between 1995 and 1998 for artists such as Martin Sharp, Elisabeth Cummings, John Peart, Peter Kingston, Guy Warren, Ann Thomson, Tim Storrier, Garry Shead and Aida Tomescu. Most importantly, he has been invited by John Olsen on regular private painting trips to remote landscapes around Australia.

Luke is a wonderful host and renowned for testing his culinary skills in providing sumptuous seasonal dinners for his guests. He will treat us to one of his special homecooked dinners with local wines on the Saturday night in his home surrounded by paintings of the well known artists he has assisted in the past.

Cost includes dinner, bed and breakfast for 3 nights from Friday evening to Monday morning plus 2 day workshop with Luke



Location:Hill End - NSW
Date:8 - 11th April 2016 (2 day workshop /3 nights)
Cost: $850.00
Level: All levels.
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Plein air at Hill End - Food, wine & Landscape

Luke Sciberras

2nd Workshop at Hill End 1st-4th April (3 nights)




Location:Hill End
Date:1st-4th April 2016
Cost: $0.00
2nd Workshop at Hill End 1st-4th April (3 nights)

Idris Murphy and Ross Laurie

Fieldtrip to Fowlers Gap II

This outback adventure is designed around one of Australia's great train journeys aboard the mighty Indian Pacific. Daily flights are also available, but experiencing the relaxing pace of a great train journey to get to Broken Hill, is half the fun. Spend a night in the iconic Palace Hotel which featured in the movie "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and dates back to the 1890's. It is here we will meet and greet on our first morning prior to departure for Fowlers Gap.

Our bus will transport us through the amber hues and vibrant reds of living desert country to Fowlers Gap - home of the UNSW Research Station 112kms north of Broken Hill, where so many important Australian artists have gone before. Artist Profile Magazine featured a group of 13 prominent Australian artists from a mixture of backgrounds, ages and art practices in 2011. The artists were part of an arts laboratory and spent 14 days interpreting the arid landscape. Their adventure was named "Not The Way Home" and their work from the field was uploaded daily to a blog, allowing viewers to follow their journey. Idris Murphy and Ross Laurie were part of this group.

Idris and Ross are two of Australia's leading landscape painters and teachers who have been returning to Fowlers Gap for many years to draw inspiration for their paintings. Our 2 artists will work together to develop a program that exposes students to a variety of ideas and approaches. Participants will not only experience 3 full days with both artists but will have the added benefit of group discussion with Idris and Ross each evening on paint, painting, painters and the history of painting. 

This unusual location takes time to adjust to the big skies, huge rocky hills and scrubby groundcover. The shapes of the trees, the breaking down of patterns in the dense foliage, while looking for simplicity. "If you sit yourself in the landscape, things will reveal themselves slowly" says Elisabeth Cummings who was part of the celebrated 2011 Artist Profile group. 

Fowlers Gap research station provides rustic but comfortable shared accommodation in the arid zone of NSW. We have engaged a professional caterer to take care of our meals.

A wide range of research on birds, kangaroos, reptiles and other flora and fauna has been carried out on the property including soil conservation, solar energy and astronomy. It is an important site for teaching, with regular field excursions by students from both UNSW Science Department and the College of Fine Arts. The remoteness of the Station with its impressive landscape, eco trails and wildlife viewing platforms attracts artists as well as local and international visitors. It is also a working farm with more than 5000 sheep.

Allow yourself time to visit the classic outback town of Silverton with its heritage stone buildings, artist studios and museums.

Ross Laurie and Idris Murphy are both represented by King Street Gallery, Sydney. Ross is winner of the Paddington Art Prize 2015.

Some Words & Images: James Compton and ABC producer, Sean O'Brien- "Not the Way Home"


Location:Fowlers Gap, North Western NSW
Date:10-16th May 2016 (6days-6nights)
Cost: $2,950.00
Fieldtrip to Fowlers Gap II

Cherry Hood

Painting Faces in Watercolour

The methods used are not conventional or traditional watercolour techniques. 

Working from photos Hood demonstrates how she makes her large scale watercolour paintings and will assist each participant in preparing colours, drawing the image and applying the paint.  Students who wish to venture into large scale works will be encouraged to pour watery paint onto their paper. You will proceed on with a second painting during the drying process. Large brushes are preferable to achieve quick, loose flowing marks while smaller brushes are used for detailing the facial features.

Hood gives demonstrations in drawing and painting the eyes, nose, mouth etc to help students understand and achieve the required proportions when painting portraits and transforming a photograph into a recognisable haunting image.

Participants from all levels of experience may expect to produce at least two good paintings in the style of Cherry Hood - ie a large human face by the end of the second day. 

Cherry is represented by Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, Arc One, Melbourne, Heiser Gallery, Brisbane, Paul Greenaway, Adelaide and Turner Gallery, Perth. Hood attained a Master of Visual Art at the Sydney College of Arts in 2000. Her thesis investigated gender politics in art and cultural mores and taboos. She is represented in major Australian institutional and gallery collections; and has won the Arhcibald Prize in 2002.

Participants will be forwarded a list of requirements for the workshop.

new venue to be advised with map and details


Location:Bangalow Area, NSW
Date:18-19 June 2016 (2 days) - 9.30am to 4pm
Cost: $550.00
Level: All levels.
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Painting Faces in Watercolour