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Idris Murphy and Ross Laurie

Fieldtrip to Fowlers Gap III

This outback adventure is designed around one of Australia's great train journeys aboard the mighty Indian Pacific. Daily flights are also available, but experiencing the relaxing pace of a great train journey to get to Broken Hill, is half the fun. Accommodation is required for Sunday night in Broken Hill and we meet following breakfast on Monday morning to be transported to Fowlers Gap.

Our bus will transport us through the amber hues and vibrant reds of living desert country to Fowlers Gap - home of the UNSW Research Station 112kms north of Broken Hill, where so many important Australian artists have gone before. Artist Profile Magazine featured a group of 13 prominent Australian artists from a mixture of backgrounds, ages and art practices in 2011. The artists were part of an arts laboratory and spent 14 days interpreting the arid landscape. Their adventure was named "Not The Way Home" and their work from the field was uploaded daily to a blog, allowing viewers to follow their journey. Idris Murphy and Ross Laurie were part of this group.

Idris and Ross are two of Australia's leading landscape painters and teachers who have been returning to Fowlers Gap for many years to draw inspiration for their paintings. Our 2 artists work together and have developed a program that exposes students to a variety of ideas and approaches. Participants will experience the guidance and generosity of both artists for the duration of our stay and will have the added benefit of group discussion with Idris and Ross each evening on paint, painting, painters and the history of painting. 

This unusual location takes time to adjust to the big skies, huge rocky hills and scrubby groundcover. The shapes of the trees, the breaking down of patterns in the dense foliage, while looking for simplicity. "If you sit yourself in the landscape, things will reveal themselves slowly" says Elisabeth Cummings who was part of the celebrated 2011 Artist Profile group. 

Fowlers Gap research station provides rustic but comfortable shared accommodation in the arid zone of NSW. We have engaged a professional caterer to take care of our meals.

A wide range of research on birds, kangaroos, reptiles and other flora and fauna has been carried out on the property including soil conservation, solar energy and astronomy. It is an important site for teaching, with regular field excursions by students from both UNSW Science Department and the College of Fine Arts. The remoteness of the Station with its impressive landscape, eco trails and wildlife viewing platforms attracts artists as well as local and international visitors. It is also a working farm with more than 5000 sheep.

Allow yourself time to visit the classic outback town of Silverton with its heritage stone buildings, artist studios and museums.

Ross Laurie and Idris Murphy are both represented by King Street Gallery, Sydney. Ross is winner of the Paddington Art Prize 2015.

Some Words & Images: James Compton and ABC producer, Sean O'Brien- "Not the Way Home"

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Location:Fowlers Gap, North Western NSW
Date:23-29th May 2017 (6days-6nights)
Cost: $2,950.00
Level: all levels
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Fieldtrip to Fowlers Gap III Sponsored By

Jo Bertini

Abstraction in the Landscape

The workshop is designed for artists interested in landscape, both painting and drawing and for those involved with the conversation about the nature of art making and different approaches to the Australian environment. It is intended as a master class to develop a visual language and a particular thinking about the genre of landscape painting.

There will be work done en situ as well as in the studio, ranging from the most basic 'drawing and painting from the source' exercises to realising visual ideas and concepts on a larger, more resolved scale. Study material will be sourced directly from the surrounding environment to be used in our experimental process.

Resource and study materials such as sketch books, drawings, photography and small scale concept studies will be used in an the preliminary approach that uses each artist's intuitive, instinctive strengths as well as developing skill based techniques, so that the considered, creative experimentation achieves a unique interpretation for each individual student to then pursue with further confidence.




142 Martins Lane, Knockrow NSW

Location:AWA Studio, Knockrow NSW(10mins south of Bangalow)
Date:29/30th October, 2016 (2 days) 9.30 to 4pm
Cost: $550.00
Level: Intermediate
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Abstraction in the Landscape

David Fairbairn & Suzanne Archer

Two Heads are Better Than One

A weekend Drawing workshop with Suzanne Archer and David Fairbairn will provide two different approaches to drawing the human head. The first day David will teach you an adventurous but analytical way to draw the human head. You will work from yourself using a mirror with a range of mixed media making a series of detailed preliminary studies which will prepare you for day 2.

On the second day Suzanne will work with the emotive self-portrait interpreting it with the focus on a psychological and holistic approach. This will involve the use of a mirror again and require an open mind regarding what is meant by self portraiture.

Suzanne Archer has exhibited on a regular basis in Australia since 1967. Winner of many Art Awards including the Wynne Prize for Landscape Painting in 1994 and most recently the Dobell Prize for Drawing and Kedumba Drawing Award in 2010. Her work is represented in many Regional Galleries throughout Australia. Suzanne was a sessional teacher in the Painting and Drawing Departments at the National Art School for many years.

David was awarded the Dobell Drawing Prize in 1999, The Dough Moran National Portrait Prize in 2002 and more recently, the Mosman Art Prize in 2012. He was a finalist in the Archibald in 2012 and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2013.He has exhibited extensively in Australia and is represented by Stella Downer Fine Art in Sydney. David is currently a visiting lecturer in the Drawing Department of the National Art School.

Check Information page for venue location


Location:AWA Studio, Knockrow NSW(10mins south of Bangalow)
Date:26-27th November 2016 (2days) 9.30-4pm
Cost: $550.00
Level: All Levels
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Two Heads are Better Than One

Jo Bertini

Camel Trek - Flinders Ranges

This trip is planned in conjunction with Camel treks Australia who are based in Hawker SA. They are South Australia's most experienced camel riding Company and the only Tourism Awarded Camel Riding Trek Company in the Flinders Ranges. They have created a finely tuned 4 day trek for us beginning in Hawker.

We will be transported from Adelaide to Hawker by bus and begin trekking just after midday. In authentic style we will pack the camels with supplies and traverse spectacular Central Flinders landscapes. We will sleep under the stars, enjoy camp oven meals over the fire and explore our inner artist with Jo Bertini.

Jo is an award winning Australian artist - a painter, a writer, lecturer and teacher. Although widely travelled, she has maintained her connection to country and spends her winter months exploring the remote desert regions of Australia as the Expedition Artist with Australian Desert Expeditions.

Bertini's interest as an artist has been the landscape, places and people of remote desert regions of Australia. Her recently published book "Jo Bertini Fieldwork" is a selected collection from Jo's private archive of works made directly 'en situ' while on expedition. It is a visually engaging contemporary art book that brings to life the artist's long and intimate involvement with the Australian desert. Her pen and ink drawings, works in pencil, charcoal and hundreds of small gouaches are a vibrant visual diary of the changing landscape.

You will not have all the comforts of home but you will let the outback into your life in an emotional and spiritual way as you respond to this ancient landscape. By getting a little dirt on your shoes - relying on your senses and instincts each day will reveal magnificent scenery, pink rocks, wide river beds, secret gorges and gigantic trees.Under Jo's expert guidance you will create your own visual diary.







Location:Hawker, Flinders SA
Date:3rd-7th April 2017 (4 nights)
Cost: $2,550.00
Level: Intermediate
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Camel Trek - Flinders Ranges Sponsored By