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Limited art materials for the workshop, will be for sale at the venue at retail prices. Attendees are encouraged to bring any preferred art materials or utensils.

A circulated list, prepared by the Artist will specify any materials required, at least 4 weeks prior to the workshop commencement.

Please bring: Palettes, paints, rags, paper, charcoal, brushes & canvasses. Please note that we only use odourless Mediums and Solvents.

A booking will only be confirmed provided space is available and required deposit has been received. The balance is due and payable no later than 3 weeks from the date of the workshop. If full payment is not received on due date, your deposit and place at the workshop will be forfeited.

ArtWorkshops Australia reserves the right to retain a deposit in the event of a cancellation. A deposit payment is required at the time of booking and is neither transferable nor refundable.
Where full payment has been made, cancellation could result in loss of full amount without 3 weeks prior notice from workshop or expedition date.

In the event of ArtWorkshops Australia cancelling and/or postponing any workshop (at it’s sole and absolute discretion), participants will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid for that workshop.
ArtWorkshops Australia however, will not be responsible for any other costs or expenses incurred by those participants as a consequence of cancellation or postponement of such workshop.

In the event the advertised artist is unable to participate in the workshop or expedition due to illness, injury or other unforeseen event, at the sole and absolute discretion of Artworkshops Australia, it may replace such artist. Artworkshops Australia will use its best endeavours to find a replacement artist with similar experience and ability.

Disclaimer: The following definitions are provided as a guide only, ArtWorkshops Australia can take no responsibility for an artist’s skill level.
Please feel free to contact ArtWorkshops Australia and discuss the recommended experience for a workshop if you are unsure of the recommended skill required.

Beginner – Less than 1 year artistic experience in the workshop field.

Intermediate – Between 1-5 years artistic experience in the workshop field.

Advanced – Greater than 5 years artistic experience in the workshop field.

ArtWorkshops Australia retains the right to use any photos or recordings taken during the course of the Workshop for marketing and promotional purposes. Please advise ArtWorkshops Australia prior to the workshop should you not wish to participate.