Current Workshops

Jo Bertini

Abstraction in the Landscape

The workshop is designed for artists interested in landscape, both painting and drawing and those involved with the conversation about the nature of making art and different approaches to the Australian environment. It is intended as a master class to develop a visual language and a particular thinking about the genre of landscape painting.

There will be work done en situ as well as in the studio, ranging from the most basic 'drawing and painting from the source' exercises to realising visual ideas and concepts on a larger, more resolved scale. Study material will be sourced directly from the surrounding environment to be used in our experimental process.

Resource and study materials such as sketch books, drawings, photography and small scale concept studies will be used in the preliminary approach that uses each artist's intuitive, instinctive strengths as well as developing skill based techniques, so that the considered, creative experimentation achieves a unique interpretation for each individual student to then pursue with confidence.

Materials list may be downloaded. Please include study/research material (i.e. sketchbooks, drawings or landscape studies of work done 'en situ' - photos, pictures or landscape reference resources. Sketchbooks, cartridge or watercolour papers, inks, gouaches or watercolours are useful for experimentation and studies.

Jo is represented by Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

& Mars Gallery, Melbourne


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Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 4/6th June 2021 (3 days)
Cost $950.00

Translating landscape into Art Translating landscape into Art
Ross Laurie

Translating landscape into Art

Ross Laurie captivates his students with his thought-provoking teaching style and warm rapport. Artworkshops proudly offers his upcoming workshop where the focus is on landscape and ways to translate the landscape into Art. 'The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes' - Marcel Proust. Changing the way we see the world lies only in the reaches of our imagination and the potential for us to create something completely unique.

'Having travelled to the other side of the world and back seeking his source as a young artist, Ross finally found mature inspiration where he started, in the spiritual sense of country that is bathed in the melancholic light around Walcha on the New England tablelands. Over the past 10 years there is a large and growing audience who recognise the lyricism and tough beauty of Laurie's work. He has received critical praise, gained selection for major exhibitions and won a number of prizes for landscape painting including the Paddington Art Prize 2015. by Joe Frost - Artist Profile Magazine.

The workshop will focus on en plein air and the local landscape. General discussion will cover paint, painting, colour mixing and painters who have influenced our work.

Ross is represented by King Street Gallery who have just concluded his first successful online exhibition and he is the esteemed Judge for the 2020 Paddington Art Prize.

Deposit required to confirm booking - it is not refundable or transferable

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Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 23/25th April 2021 (3 days)
Cost $950.00
Level All Levels

Judith White

Contemporary Landscape - Mixed Media

Break free of your post lockdown lethargy and get into mixed media with Judith White.

Judith's work is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition. The sky's the limit when creating with mixed media. By incorporating charcoal, inks, crayon, collage and acrylics in one artwork, you can utilize the best that each medium has to offer.

The workshop is designed to expand your ideas about contemporary art practice using the established observational methods of drawing through to finished mixed media painting. Subjects will include 'unconventional still-life' and landscape.

You will be encouraged to loosen up and break bad habits.


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Location AWA Studio, Knockrow, Byron Hinterland
Date 25/26th September 2021
Cost $700.00
Level All Levels

The Illusion of Space - Learn to Compose
Idris Murphy

The Illusion of Space - Learn to Compose

The workshop is based on landscape both imagined and real as a way into painting. Working predominantly in the studio, we will learn how to construct a better understanding of painting.

Murphy's workshop involves technical discussion at the start of each day focussed on formal areas of concern in contemporary painting and understanding the relation between the illusion of space and the ability to compose. We will talk about the use of colour in painting with an emphasis on developing your own voice.

Idris encourages participants to bring finished or unfinished works in progress to promote discussion and further development.

Materials: Acrylics are preferred in a workshop environment, however, please bring materials you would normally use in your landscape painting - canvas should be no bigger than a meter square. If you are starting work from scratch you may wish to bring sketchbook for making small studies to begin with.




Location AWA Studios, Knockrow NSW (Byron Hinterland)
Date 6/8th August 9.30 to 4pm
Cost $990.00
Level Intermediate to Advanced